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Today during a scheduled ALS transfer, my patient's condition declined to a concerning level and I made the decision to upgrade our travel to lights and sirens. Our driver transported us safely to the hospital where the patient was transferred. He kept the ambulance steady while I did patient care in the back despite the urgency. He explained to me that this was his first time driving emergency response with Butler and he did a fantastic job keeping us safe. I have been doing EMS for 6 years and he drove better than most 911 drivers I’ve experienced.

Last week through the magic of technology and the national phone system, a Polk County, Fl resident’s 911 call somehow got routed to our phone system. Our Customer Service Center (CSC) employee, Alyssa answered and quickly realized that this was not one of our typical calls and quickly determined that the caller was having an acute medical emergency. She was able to acquire enough information to narrow down which county he was in and keep him on the line long enough for local EMS arrive. Alyssa’s quick thinking and determination goes far above and beyond the daily expectations of our staff!

I was on vacation in Maryland when I started to have symptoms consistent with a heart attack. I had to be transported to have a heart Cath done. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and trying to process everything that was happening while not being any where close to home. Your employees were absolutely terrific. They picked me up at the ungodly hour of 5 AM and immediately began to take great care of me. They explained why I was being transferred, what the procedure was I would be having and why I was having it. They were SOOOOO funny and really made a very frightening situation bearable.

On behalf of my mother, we would like to send a huge thank you! The two representatives that helped transport my mother this past Friday, from her rehabilitation hospital to her surgeon appointment. Their professionalism and courteousness were clear in all of their actions and in the care they took to make sure that my mother was comfortable and safe. We know that you might typically receive complaints and wanted to make sure to take the time to acknowledge what wonderful representatives are for your company!

I will be forever grateful to them for being such great knowledge medics, calming me down and explaining everything they were doing and why.  I want you to know what gems you have as part of your team.

I would like to thank the Butler crew out of the Hagerstown office for taking care of my aunt during her transport. They showed great care for her and treated her so kindly during these hard and trying times. It warms my heart to know you have employees this caring to their patients. They truly made this hard and difficult experience better and I am grateful they took such great care of her today!

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