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300 Employees
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60,000 calls each year

Butler Medical Transportation

Butler Medical Transport started in 2001 as a small business with the focused goal of providing dependable, customer service-oriented transportation. From the very start, Butler operated with the mentality that patients should be treated like family, and though we have grown to service facilities throughout Maryland, and DC, we are still able to provide fast and compassionate service for our customers. We currently have more than 300 employees, operate more than 80 vehicles, and take in approximately 60,000 calls each year.

Along with our Corporate Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, we have several additional locations across the region. These diverse locations enable our fleet to best serve our customers in the Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC areas.


The Difference is in the Details

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Department handles recruitment and staffing, employee relations, compensation and benefits, and payroll.


The Director of Operations is responsible for ensuring crews are following policy, procedures and providing the best service to our customers.


We offer in house training for EMR, EMT-B, Paramedic refresher, CPR training, and a Dispatch Academy.


Our Billing Department is trained in all aspects of insurance and patient verification as well as billing and collections.


Our state of the art communications center is staffed 24/7 to meet all of your transportation needs.


The Logistics Division is responsible for equipment management and supply distribution.  Responsible for medical supplies including durable, disposable and medications as well as controlling the vehicle restocking and inventory process.


From obtaining new business, keeping current customers happy, arranging standby events, holiday parties and employee appreciation events, this department is in charge or planning, organizing and arranging the event.

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